Architects of Experience

We imagine, build and execute compelling human experiences across digital platforms,
physical spaces and virtual environments.

  • For brands, we foster deeper customer engagement
  • For venues, we help create unforgettable memories
  • Always, we champion interactivity over passive storytelling

“Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I may remember.
involve me and I will understand.”

Born out of industry disruption and a need for
service and technology evolutions, Acentric is a global collective of technology experts and creative professionals
who have been crafting engaging digital and physical experiences for decades.

Creative Technology Experiences

We combine creative imagination and technical mastery with an experiential focus, all in the service of helping our clients to better engage their audiences. We identify unique creative opportunities and apply innovative technology strategies as force multipliers to engage visitors and guests in exciting new ways.

Our broad and deep event and venue production experience allows us to execute in ways that traditional agencies can’t.

Global Collective

Having identified key benefits in hybrid productivity and flexible working arrangements, we have structured Acentric around a variety of global strategic partnerships instead of a single slow-moving centralized headquarters.

This allows us to respond nimbly to client needs and to represent a world-class level of performance across a diverse set of services, at a more competitive rate structure than big and cumbersome traditional agencies.

Concept to Completion

We offer a process-driven suite of services, allowing us to deliver consistent results, even while managing strategic
partnerships and outside vendors. We’ve even been asked to integrate our clients’ own internal resources and
vendors, and manage the process for successful delivery of collaborative results.


Strategic analysis and technical research to fully define the brief


Concepting, journey mapping, mood boards, systems design


Creative direction, storyboarding, previs, UI/UX, animatics


App dev, programming, animation, video production, systems setup


Systems integration, installation & testing, adjustments


Final QA, delivery, documentation & training, launch


Ongoing technical & strategic support